Tombola/Raffle competition conditions:

The first Tombola/Raffle started on December 17th, 2019 and ends on February 20th, 2020. To participate in the first raffle, you must have bought at least 100 MasterWin coins.

You are obliged to prove to us how and where you bought your MasterWin coins.

Video verification only applies to exchange buyers:

If you buy MasterWin Coins on an Exchange, you have to create a video of this purchase, where you can see the following: The purchase date, how many coins were bought, and the MasterWin wallet address. The data must be legible and the wallet address that you entered in the form must match the wallet address on the Exchange. To find out that your video is not a photo, enter at the end of your video in your browser.

You simply copy the link to your video into the registration form.

Purchase on

For all customers who buy their MasterWin Coins on, no video verification is necessary, since we already have all the data for your participation in the raffle through your purchase. Your MasterWin wallet address, which you specified when purchasing, will automatically end up in the Tombola/Raffle pot.

The Tombola raffle takes place as follows:

All verified and received wallet addresses are collected. The ten winners will be announced during a live draw on YouTube. The first wallet address that is drawn wins the 10th prize. The wallet address that is drawn last wins the 1st prize.

The 10 prices are drawn either by software or manually. The draw will be broadcast live.

Each customer can only participate once per raffle. If a customer sends us their data with different wallet addresses, they can still participate only once. Therefore, it is sufficient if you buy only 100 MasterWin coins to participate.

winning notification:

After the Tombola raffle, the winners will be informed of their winnings by email and have 14 days to reply to this email.

If you do not do this, the prize will be raffled again.


* **We reserve the right to exclude customers from the competition if there is suspicion of manipulation.


If you have any questions about the competition conditions, please contact

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