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Please send: 50 MasterWin


    Dear Masterwin community !!

    You now have the opportunity to play in our new masterwin lottery.

    You can find out how to do this below. Let's go !!

    You can find the current lottery tickets on our Discord channel

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  1. Austria EuroMillion on Friday 2 tips (1 ticket)
  2. Germany Lotto 6 out of 49 on Saturday 2 tips (1 ticket)
  3. The closing date for entries is always Fridays at 10:00 p.m. German time!
  4. We publish the lottery tickets every Thursday evening.
  5. To participate in the lottery, you have to deposit 50 MasterWin (MW) coins on this wallet address (MNrskp3Fd97ddg9HTWFXjENyTiKrCbjaNu).
  6. Please send us your TXID of the 50 MasterWin (MW) Coins by Friday 10:00 pm German time in order to be able to prove your payment
  7. Rules / use of the stake:

    Every Friday two tips (one ticket) for EuroMillions Austria and two tips (one ticket) for Lotto 6 out of 49 Germany are bought every Saturday. The notes are published in the Discord every Thursday evening.

    These lotteries are played in the following countries:

    Austria, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

    Profit distribution:

  1. 50% will be distributed to all participants
  2. 10% will be used to buy new lottery tickets
  3. 10% will be used to buy back MasterWin Coin to stabilize the price
  4. 30% goes to the person (team member) who bought this lottery ticket
  5. Payouts of $ 10 or more will be shared equally among all participants.
  6. Winnings under $ 10 are used to buy more picks per lottery ticket for the next drawing.

    Very important: Up to 100 dollars, the winnings are paid out in MasterWin (MW) coins. All winnings over $ 100 are paid out in Bitcoin (BTC).

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