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Adam - CO Founder & Graphic Artist

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PolisPay APP

The most secure Multi-Currency Digital Wallet

Spend your cryptocurrencies at 30+ Million merchants

With the use of your PolisPay card, or with the ability to use your coins to buy gift cards, you can transition to this new payment era in an easy way.

Store your cryptocurrencies in a secure way

By using high end standards, PolisPay Wallet makes sures your coins are safe, by letting the user have control of them.


Manage all your portfolio

Buy or sell over 14 cryptocurrencies directly from your Wallet or transfer funds to all people in the world.

Protect your funds with a hardware wallet

Want to be extra protected? PolisPay has support for the most popular hardware wallets!

Convert between cryptocurrencies easily by using PolisPay Shift

Want to change BTC to ETH or XRP to LTC Exchange currencies instantly with Shift today.


Spend anywhere, any way you want it.

From Germany to Mexico, we have gift cards available in 40+ countries.

Amazon to Netflix, with the PolisPay app you can easily purchase gift cards paying with crypto and instantly get your *favorite products!

*Some gift cards availability may be subject to each country.

You can buy the gift cards with your Masterwin coins on the PolisPay APP

Amazon | Gift Card

Amazon | Gift Card

€25.00 | €50.00 | €100.00

Amazon | Gift Card

Netflix | Gift Card

€25.00 | €50.00 | €100.00

Amazon | Gift Card

Epay Card | Gift Card

Buy credit for your Epay Card and top it up

Epay prepaid reload credits €25, €50 or €100.

There is a charge of 4% for the recharge, which is charged by epay.

Amazon | Gift Card | Gift Card

With a €20 or €50 debitcard, you can buy games


Epay Card

What is the epay card?

The epay card is a prepaid card, which runs on credit basis. You can pay almost anywhere with your card where Mastercard is accepted. After activating and loading the card, you can pay worldwide - either online, in shops or withdraw cash at ATM’s.

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PolisPay Card

By filling this form, you are getting registered to PolisPay Closed Beta program. You will be in a selected group of people that will be able to test new PolisPay cards and products.



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